When great food and interesting history are married in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere, good things always come about.


That is the philosophy of Wichita Food Tours. Add a little bit of a walk-about and you have the ingredients for a delightful experience in one of the most pleasant cities in the Midwest. With 360 days of sunshine per year, on average, Wichita is the perfect place to explore history while sampling the culinary expertise of locally owned and operated restaurants in our historic Old Town.

When we travel to larger cities on the coasts we have developed a habit of taking a walking food tour to get acquainted with the city, meet interesting people and sample restaurants that we would otherwise not know about. So, we asked ourselves, “why not do this in Wichita?” We’ve got the unique history, an authentically restored Old Town area near our downtown and enough locally owned establishments to make any foodie say, “yum!” A business was born.

The freshest meats and cheeses, creamy pastas, sweet and savory tapas and more await the lucky folks who sign up to tour with us, rain or shine, in the Air Capitol of the World, Wichita, KS. Join us. We’ll blow you away or our name isn’t the “Peerless Princess of the Plains.”