This information addresses the most commonly asked questions. 


Do I need to buy tickets in advance? Yes. The cut off date for tours is one week (seven days) in advance. All tours must be paid in full at that time. We give tours to groups of 6-12 people only. Visit the Contact page for information on booking tours.

Will the tour run if it is raining, snowing or severe weather is predicted? Yes to rain and snow. Please plan to dress for the weather. All eateries will seat us indoors. If severe weather is predicted, such as a possible tornado, WFT will contact you via email, text or phone and make arrangements to reschedule your tour or give you a refund.

How should we dress for a food tour? Business casual, smart casual, snappy casual and casual-casual are all fine. But be sure to wear comfy walking shoes since we will walk approximately eight city blocks total through Old Town as we stroll from restaurant to restaurant. Also, dress for the weather, since we will be outside between stops on the tour.

Can we bring the kids? Of course. However, the restaurants we will visit all serve alcoholic beverages, which is an optional add-on for adult tour participants. If you would like WFT to arrange a private, kid-friendly tour, we would be happy to do so, just let us know in advance. The price per person will remain the same, but we will visit restaurants with a more kid-friendly menu and vibe.

Is it OK to bring our stroller along? This is up to you. Some of the venues are large enough to accommodate a stroller and some are not. If the restaurant, due to its smaller size, asks us to leave strollers outside we will have to abide by their decision. For this reason, strollers are not encouraged, but if you don’t mind leaving it outside at a couple of our stops, you can bring a stroller. WFT cannot accept liability for any damage or loss to strollers while on our tour.

How much food will I be served on the tour? Should I plan to eat before or after the tour? Serving sizes will vary, but most people are very full by the end of the tour. We will visit 4-5 eateries, all of whom prepare delicious food with the Midwestern eater in mind. We like to eat here! If you take a tour that starts at 1 PM, maybe only eat a late morning snack; if your tour starts at 4 PM, you probably don’t need to worry about dinner that night.

What about beverages? Each of the restaurants will provide you with a cold glass of delicious ice water. If you would like to bring a water bottle along, please do so. If you would like to purchase a glass of wine or beer to pair with a food sample, that will be available as an add-on. Since we will only spend 20-30 minutes at each restaurant, WFT requests that you limit your alcohol intake so that you are able to enjoy the fascinating history you will hear and have no trouble strolling through Old Town with the group.

Can WFT accommodate dietary restrictions? Yes to vegetarians and gluten free. If you have other dietary restrictions, please email us at and we will work with you to find something on the menus of the eateries we are visiting on your specific tour that will accommodate your needs.

What types of food will we eat on the tour? All types. Even though it is true that Kansas grows, exports and serves the best beef in the world, not all of our stops will be meat centric. Depending on the tour time you choose, we will also sample hand-made pasta, homemade bread, locally made cheese, gelato, sausage, etc.

If I bring my infant, do I need to purchase a ticket for him/her too? Children 7 and under, who will not be eating the food on the tour, do not need a ticket. We need to know if they are attending so that enough room is available. Anyone who is eating with us will need a ticket, regardless of age.

Are restrooms available on the tour? Yes. All of the restaurants we will visit will have rest rooms for their customers. Please try to use them as we arrive at the stop so that we can leave together and tour as a group.

How many people can take the tour at one time? We tour with groups of 6-12 people per tour.

Are gratuities for the tour guide expected? No. But they are gratefully received.

Is it ok to shop while on the tour? We ask that you return to the shop of your choice after the tour so that we may proceed in a timely manner.

Are cameras ok on the tour? Absolutely. If you would like to share a great photo taken on the tour, please email it to us at

Where should I park? There is plenty of free parking to the north and east of Hotel at Old Town and there is also a parking garage attached to the hotel.

How early should I arrive for my tour? Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour begins. This is important so that we can check people in, hand out information, make introductions and begin on time.